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Welcome to Subrat Padhi.com

This is a website for those like me, who are enjoying the journey of life, want to make it better, who want to learn from their successes and failures and make progress in the Pursuit of Happiness.

My unstructured Mission, for the first half of my adult life, was to build a career, a family, stay healthy, some wonderful relationships, achieve a semblance of financial comfort and get closer to that elusive goal of happiness and peace of mind and fulfilment. Looking back on the past 25 years, I can say in all honesty that I have made reasonable progress in these, and continue to work on each aspect.

As I start the second half of my adult life, I now have an added Mission …. To share my experience and my learning to support people in their journey towards self-development and to develop their potential.

My Writings

My Work


Subrat’s workshops are highly interactive, with active engagement from the participants and the facilitator talking for less than half the time. Subrat firmly believes that every audience is brimming with ideas, passion and energy, and his job as a facilitator is to bring this out.


Coaching helps us get clarity, know ourselves better, and helps us get closer to our dreams. A successful coaching relationship helps us address common life issues in the areas of time management, habits, relationships, work-life balance, personal leadership...


Over the Years, I have tried to gather some of my life learnings into my Books, two of which are now available for your reading pleasure. My books makes up for What They Dont Teach You At Any Business School .They are meant for Business Executives who may be missing a trick ...


He knows how to convert your mistakes into lessons

Subrat is someone who knows how to extract the best and maximum out of people. He knows how to convert your mistakes into lessons and your skills into strength. He spots talent easily and knows how to nurture it. He stands by his team in difficult times. He is one who has guts to take tough decision and follow them through. He is equally demanding on himself. If he has committed himself on any task, consider it well done. A stickler of punctuality, he is always first one to walk in any meeting and plans his day / week / month / year well.

He has wide knowledge of all aspects of Business and leads all units of business smoothly.

Yuvraj Singh

You truly are incredible 🙂

As they say being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day. Subrat, was a tough boss with a golden heart. He developed ethics based, performance driven culture coupled with a sharp focus on prioritisation and positive attitude.

Few of his sayings that have become a life mantra for me.

  1.     Reward of good work is more work
  2.     Make it happen
  3.     Choose your battles …decide what NOT to do
  4.     Always BE there for your team your people
  5.     Be a friend for life

Wish you the best always… you truly are incredible 🙂

Neelu Amber

Subrat undoubtedly is amongst the best Mentors

Subrat undoubtedly is amongst the best mentors I have had who has helped me navigate successfully through my professional journey. He not only guided me with the right answers and decisions in challenging situations – he has also been the most approachable mentor, whenever I needed good career advice.

Subrat as a reporting boss always partnered with his team by encouraging all to have clear goals and drive to achieve them. He emphasised on the significance of time, discipline, positive energy and impeccable execution. Very professional in his approach, he made everyone in the team value ‘the actions that bear positive results’ often quoting his favourite phrase ‘Proof of the pudding is in eating it’ .

Thanks Subrat for being there as a great mentor throughout. Wish you bigger and better future!

Mandeep Kaur