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What would Subrat do if he had to handle this shit !

Carbon is formed into diamond under extreme pressure.
Not implying that I am this crystal but Subrat is definitely this diamond producing mine. I have seen so many wonderful people being polished into thorough professionals under his leadership.
Even today when I am stuck with a difficult work situation, I ask myself what would Subrat have done ? And the job is done. He has this systematic way of processing any task into steps and making things happen.

These are a few things I learnt from him:
1. Even today before I open my laptop at work, I draw a to do list which just organises my day better – obviously this came from him.
2. Make ur bosses priority your priority and that way you will be able get the job done faster
3. Be on time- most of us got panic attacks if we were not outside his workstation 5 minutes before the meeting. Small thing but goes a long way in showing you respect the other person’s time too.
4. Be a people person – Subrat made a tremendous effort to interact even with the junior most person in the company. Be humble and compassionate to the less fortunate.
5. Work hard, party harder- for all the slogging we did, he made sure it was suitably rewarded with some whiskey and dance. He knows how to make a person feel like a superstar for all the hard work one puts in.

Priya Bhagra
General Manager, Sales and Service (Domestic Holidays)

He knows how to convert your mistakes into lessons

Subrat is someone who knows how to extract the best and maximum out of people. He knows how to convert your mistakes into lessons and your skills into strength. He spots talent easily and knows how to nurture it. He stands by his team in difficult times. He is one who has guts to take tough decision and follow them through. He is equally demanding on himself. If he has committed himself on any task, consider it well done. A stickler of punctuality, he is always first one to walk in any meeting and plans his day / week / month / year well.

He has wide knowledge of all aspects of Business and leads all units of business smoothly.

Yuvraj Singh
Head of Sales
Vodafone (Punjab and HP)

Subrat is a great Mentor and Coach

Subrat is a great mentor and coach , he pushes you to think big and then helps you in the journey towards that goal. His amazing sense of humor helps you to remain stress free in tough situations. Discipline and honoring one’s commitment are the 2 best learnings I have taken from him during our professional association of 5 years .

Sankalp Bhardwaj
VP - Sales
Vodafone UPE

He has been a positive influence

I have known Subrat for more than a decade now. In these ten years, I got a chance to work closely with him on various projects. Have learnt a lot from his way of working and I owe a lot to him for the person I am at work today.

His eye for detail, special focus on big plays which help move the needle are some of the traits I am practicing in my day to day work life and have helped me become successful. He has been a positive influence who has been a catalyst in shaping me and chiseling the rough edges.

Parul Mattoo
Head of Demand Generation
Apple (India)

I always enjoyed talking to Subrat

Subrat was my first Manager at Vodafone, and he played a pivotal role in shaping my understanding of the telecom industry. He is a surprising blend of a tough task master and a thoughtful manager who worked hard to help me settle into a new role and organisation quickly, and comfortably.
As I think back to our years working together, two aspects that jump out are the huge amount of space he always gave me, and the effort he made to modify his own working style to accommodate mine.

He is one of the few bosses I have had who did not just give feedback but also took feedback and even acted upon it, something that I truly admired about him! I learnt a lot from him, but my favourite lesson is in the area of Reward & Recognition — how to make your team members feel really important and appreciated for their efforts and how to build a strong tradition and culture of healthy competition and recognition within the organisation.

Apart from work, I always enjoyed talking to Subrat – a great conversationalist with a wide range of interests and knowledge peppered with his inimitable wit – this coupled with the fact that he is also a good listener, makes him the capable writer and coach that he is.

Nidhi Lauria
Business Head (Assam and North East)

Thank you, boss, for all the guidance through out

When u lost your way and you don’t know where you are headed professionally, people like Subrat help you. They mentor you, coach you and make you walk on the right path on your own Thank you, boss, for all the guidance through out.

Neetu Sharma
Head of Retail
Vodafone Maharashtra and Goa

You truly are incredible 🙂

As they say being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day. Subrat, was a tough boss with a golden heart. He developed ethics based, performance driven culture coupled with a sharp focus on prioritisation and positive attitude.

Few of his sayings that have become a life mantra for me.

  1.     Reward of good work is more work
  2.     Make it happen
  3.     Choose your battles …decide what NOT to do
  4.     Always BE there for your team your people
  5.     Be a friend for life

Wish you the best always… you truly are incredible 🙂

Neelu Amber
AVP (Corporate Marketing)
Aircel India

Subrat undoubtedly is amongst the best Mentors

Subrat undoubtedly is amongst the best mentors I have had who has helped me navigate successfully through my professional journey. He not only guided me with the right answers and decisions in challenging situations – he has also been the most approachable mentor, whenever I needed good career advice.

Subrat as a reporting boss always partnered with his team by encouraging all to have clear goals and drive to achieve them. He emphasised on the significance of time, discipline, positive energy and impeccable execution. Very professional in his approach, he made everyone in the team value ‘the actions that bear positive results’ often quoting his favourite phrase ‘Proof of the pudding is in eating it’ .

Thanks Subrat for being there as a great mentor throughout. Wish you bigger and better future!

Mandeep Kaur
VP (Customer Service)
Vodafone Punjab HP and J&K

I have known Subrat for 15 years now

I have known Subrat for 15 years now. He started as a Boss, became a Mentor and is now a Friend. I have always admired Subrat for his intelligence, business acumen and ability to connect with people. He can read people well and give them apt advice whether it’s for their personal or professional growth. He is someone I have always looked up to and continue to learn from.

Madhu Srivastava
Vedanta Oil and Gas

Subrat as a business leader is a true visionary

Subrat as a business leader is a true visionary and I have seen him turn around businesses due to his sheer eye for detail and precision in planning and execution excellence. His clarity of thought in terms of expectation leaves no room for doubt till the very last mile. His depth of knowledge of business sets him truly apart and is an inspiration for both his reportees as well as his peers and I have seen him always get tremendous respect in the workplace due to this.

As a mentor Subrat is both a mentor as well as a coach. He can guide one to achieve results that seemed impossible to the mentee himself. He places tremendous trust once he takes a bet on an individual and is both a hard taskmaster for the mentee to succeed as well as the perfect sounding board in case of any difficulty both in the professional or the personal arena and has the knack of providing the most simple solutions to the most complex of problems.

I have been lucky to have Subrat as a mentor and a coach and I owe a large part of my professional success to his guidance and what I’ve learnt from him.

Gagan Sehgal
Chief Operating Officer
Apollo Hospitals

With Subrat around you can never rest on your laurels

With Subrat around you can never rest on your laurels. A job well done, a target achieved is just the beginning. You never know what’s coming next – far fetched and impossible as it may seem. He taught me what it means to stretch one self, he taught me what it means to plan your job meticulously and more than that he taught me to believe in myself.

Atul Wadhwa
Formerly General Manager (Marketing)

Subrat is one of the most astute professionals

Subrat is one of the most astute professionals , out of the box thinkers , effective coaches, and  well read persons that I have an opportunity to work with.

He has a remarkable knack of seeing beyond the obvious, identifying talent and motivating them to deliver unprecedented results .

As a multifaceted personality Subrat has been able to strike a balance between his various interests and excel as a well rounded personality .

Ashish Chandra
Business Head (Maharashtra Goa)