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Why Coaching

Coaching gives us access to someone who wishes us well but is detached, objective and non-judgemental, who has travelled some distance on the same journey, who will ask us relevant questions, help us clarify our goals, dreams and aspirations, and assist us to develop and execute action plans to get there.

Coaching helps us get clarity and moves us in the direction of our goals, dreams and aspirations. We continuously evaluate ourselves, consciously or subconsciously, on how we are doing in life with respect to our career, finances, health, relationships, emotions and spiritual development. Many times, we fall short in our own estimation. Coaching helps us improve this.

What Coaching is

Coaching helps us get clarity, know ourselves better, and helps us get closer to our dreams. A successful coaching relationship helps us address common life issues in the areas of time management, habits, relationships, work-life balance, personal leadership, learning from our mistakes, leveraging our strengths, health, mental peace and improving our overall sense of well being.

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching cannot address deep-rooted Psychological or Clinical issues, which require expert medical intervention. Coaching is not a formulaic solution to all your problems. It is the beginning. Coaching is not a short cut or an easy solution. Your Coach cannot do the work for you. You are the one who has to take responsibility to increase your self-awareness, to be ruthlessly candid with yourself, to be analytical and introspective. AND to take the action.

Why Me

My Coaching relationships so far have given me the confidence that I shall assist your journey to the best of my ability, as a listening and non-judgemental Coach who prods you with thought provoking questions and answers your questions candidly. My attitude all through will be Accepting and Friendly but Detached and Objective. And occasionally, Provocative and Challenging.

I am not a formally trained Coach and the only fancy alphabets I can add at the end of my name are SBLL (Seeking to get Better at Living Life) and PDAO (Passionate Desire to Assist Others).

I have travelled a few decades through this journey called life, and have had more than my fair share of successes (and a few failures) in my personal and professional life. I realise and acknowledge that I am not perfect and will never be. But what excites me is that the journey to Perfection is exciting and energizing, and charges me up.

I do not rely on Coaching as my primary (or even Secondary) source of income. I do it because I love it, and Coaching is my attempt to give back to the Universe a little bit of what it has granted me in abundance. Hopefully, this unconditional love for Coaching and for what I do shall show through in what I bring to each Coaching relationship.

What is expected of you

An open mind, a willingness to take responsibility for your life and your happiness, and the motivation to invest fully in our Coaching relationship, in terms of time, energy and effort.

If you believe that you, and you alone, are responsible for your life and happiness, we will succeed. I can guarantee you that much. And I eagerly wait to assist you in your journey.

However, some people have a strong world view that external factors are responsible for their unhappiness and distress. They believe that their team members, boss, organization’s policies, the politicians, the traffic, their spouse or partner or sundry external forces are responsible for their failures and inability to deliver. Coaching (and let me speak just for myself here) rarely succeeds in helping these people take 100% responsibility for their lives, probably because they are too busy enjoying the Blame Game . Any Coaching relationship for these people will probably be a waste of time and effort.

Coaching Sessions

We will meet for one session a month for 12 months. Each session will last approximately two hours.

If you live or travel to the Delhi NCR area, we will meet face to face at a public park or a coffee shop (my personal favourite is Café Coffee Day J over a Large, Very Large Cappuccino with Hazelnut flavour) or, if mutually convenient, at a meeting room at your place of work. For people who are not in the NCR area, we will chat over Skype.

Coaching is about starting with a helicopter view from 30000 feet and then, zooming down to 1000 feet. Each session will be followed up with a clear action plan, and you will be held accountable to this action plan. Over and above the sessions, I am available, if you want, for unlimited short consults over Whatsapp and Email, and a telephone call or three.

If you work in the Consumer Products or Service space, I can also assist you, if you want, with functional help, at a conceptual level, in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Business Finance, Leadership and Company Strategy.


All discussions on all issues, regardless of whether the issue is supremely sensitive or routinely mundane, are totally and unconditionally confidential.

Coaching Fees

My fees are designed to achieve a balance between three points. First, what you can afford to pay. Second, the fact that anything that is available free or cheap is rarely appreciated or respected. Third, the hypothesis that the more we pay, the more seriously we invest in a project.

My annual fees are as follows. GST extra.

  • Students and people without a current direct source of income, Rs 100.
  • Professionals with <5 years experience, Rs 48,000.
  • Professionals with 5-10 years experience, Rs 96,000.
  • Professionals with 10 – 15 years experience, Rs 144,000.
  • Professionals with > 15 years experience, Rs 192,000
  • CXOs, regardless of experience, Rs 240,000.

All fees are payable fully in advance. Over the course of the year, if the Coachee believes that the Coaching relationship is not providing value for money and wishes to terminate the relationship, the balance fees will be reimbursed (net of GST), no questions asked.


No slots are available up to February 2018. Coaching slots are available starting March 2018. If you are interested in exploring a Coaching relationship and wish to initiate a dialogue, please contact me here.