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I shall Retire in 2018.  Some people I have shared this with get puzzled and ask me about Sampann Capital and my Coaching and Consulting roles. I tell them that Sampann is my work and building it up to scale is my life and I will never Retire from work. Similarly, Coaching and Consulting is my small way to give back to the world. I tell them that I shall retire from the 7 Deadly Distractions. By now, most people have glazed eyes and start fidgeting and stifling their yawns. A few ask me to elaborate, I happily do so (bakra mil gaya !). As follows.

  1. COMPETITION: I shall Retire from Competing with others. Instead, I shall now compete with myself, and seek to be a better human being in all respects tomorrow than I am today.
  2. GET: I shall Retire from trying to Get other people to like me and respect me. Instead, I shall do meaningful stuff that will make Me like me and respect me.
  3. HURT: I shall Retire from Hurting other people, knowingly or unknowingly. Instead, I shall be as positive and patient and tolerant as I can be, and I will learn from my mistakes, major and minor.
  4. EGO: I shall Retire from letting my Ego rule my decisions or my reactions. Instead, I shall see both sides and then do the right thing.
  5. DESTINATION: I shall Retire from being laser focused on my destination. Instead, I shall enjoy the Journey and live every moment of the Process.
  6. SERIOUSNESS: I shall Retire taking every little thing seriously and dotting irrelevant I’s and crossing useless T’s. Instead, I shall find the humour and the learning in every situation and the good in every person.
  7. HURRY: I shall Retire from being in a Hurry. Instead I shall slow down and smell the roses.

As you can see from the above, Retirement is not as easy as it sounds. I made a little progress in 2017. I seek all your blessings, best wishes and support as I seek to do a better job of Retiring in 2018.

And you have my unconditional love and support in whatever you choose to do in 2018.

And here’s wishing you and your families and your loved ones an awesome 2018. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Keep smiling, and God Bless.

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Subrat is an Executive Coach and an ardent student of the 5X philosophy. He has worked in the corporate world for over 24 years in various positions, including CXO for > 8 years. He has spoken at various seminars. He has formally and informally coached over 100 people. He seeks to learn all the time as he assists those he coaches to improve their lives in multiple ways.

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